Cast Away: True Stories of Survival from Europe's Refugee Crisis

The author, a journalist based in Brussels, tells the heartbreaking stories of five refugees and their attempts to reach the European Union from various trouble spots in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa from 2011 to 2015. Nart, a Syrian lawyer, was an underground activist until the danger became so great he had to flee. Majid, a teenager from Nigeria, watched his father murdered and fled to Libya, only to have to leave there as well. Mohammed, a young Syrian man, headed to Libya when he received his military service papers and his family insisted he leave the country; as Libya fell into chaos following Gaddafi’s death, he fled that country, too. Sina, a pregnant 24-year-old chemical engineer from Eritrea, fled with her husband Dani once they understood that the government was going to keep them apart and force them into life-long military service. Hanan, a wealthy Syrian mother of four young adult children, stayed as long as she could in their Damascus home until the civil war forced the family to seek refuge in Lebanon, then Europe. The stories are all harrowing, and include capsized boats in the Mediterranean, ruthless smugglers, and officials in European border countries such as Greece and Italy who treat refugees like criminals. The author is highly critical of non-border countries as well, as so many have turned a blind eye to the crisis, refusing to offer meaningful help. The book is very well written and, beyond the refugees’ experiences, provides detail on the issues leading to, and caused by, the influx of over a million and a half refugees into European Union countries during the years covered.

Cast away : true stories of survival from Europe's refugee crisisBy McDonald-Gibson, Charlotte

The true stories of five refugees forced to leave their homes and make dangerous journeys to Europe in search of safety.

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